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Botanically dyed silk pillowcase




The perfect addition of nature to your sleep ritual. ‘Sukha’ सुख In Sanskrit means ease and bliss. There are a multitude of benefits that come with sleeping on silk.


Quality silk contains natural protein, and 18 essential amino acids and natural cellular albumen. These amino acids counter the effects of ageing in the face and can aid regulation of the nervous system. Natural cellular albumen helps speed up metabolism of skin cells, helping to reduce signs of ageing.

Temperature Regulator

Silk naturally regulates heat, maintaining ideal body temperature. It does not conduct heat or static like other fibres.

Health Benefits

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. Ideal for people suffering with asthma or allergies. As well as general sensitive, dry or itchy skin.

Hair Benefits

Sleeping on silk can prevent the thinning of hair. Other bedding fibres can grab onto strands of hair over time causing weakness. Silk nurtures hair and prevents knots and split ends. Stimulating hydration, and reducing sebum production.


One size fits all.

Due to the organic nature of eco-dyeing, each piece is completely unique and one of a kind. Patterns and colours may vary slightly to those pictured.

By Soltys Label. Cate is the gorgeous creator of our beautiful silk pieces. Co-creating with nature itself, beach side in Bondi, Cate says the act of dressing has become one of the deepest rituals she has come to know. Over time it has developed into a personal art form and realm for explorative play. With each piece taking 1-2 days to create in her small studio, Cate’s purpose is in bringing artisan quality and ancient wisdom back to the Australian fashion industry. Fusing wisdom from the east and west, using both traditional Ayurvedic principles and Japanese flora, Cate infuses the medicinal properties of plants into cloth. A beautiful interaction where our bodies largest organ, the skin, comes into direct contact with healing cloth, draped in both beauty and antioxidants. Cate sources all fabrics from Australia, and even uses off cuts from designer labels which otherwise would have gone to landfill.