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Our Story

Zen | To live consciously using your intuition to guide youthrough life in a state of calm. • Aya | To adorn beauty in design.

Life can be a beautifulthing, but it can also be filled with heartache. Through heartache, Zenaya was birthed. Zenaya was inspired by my beautiful daughter Ella. My girl who has a gypsy soul and a warrior spirit. Through the darkest days of our lives, with Ella’s health in a critical condition, she became my muse. Hardship is life’s biggest teacher. When your once vibrant and full of life teen becomes bed bound, life is given a whole new meaning. You take nothing for granted, your whole perspective changes and you appreciate the little things more than ever. You step back and evaluate what matters most, and let go of what doesn’t.

Zenaya brings together all of Ella’s passions. Her boho, free spirited style, her passion for holistic wellness, the environment, and community.

Ella and I have thoughtfully selected each piece to bring together a collection of pieces that empower you to live a slow and conscious life in alignment with nature. To instill passion and ignite self love. To encourage looking after your physical, mental and spiritual health. To reconnect with your body, mind, inner truth, and earth itself.

Zenaya is more than a product range. We hope to bring together a community of like minded women who learn and grow together, from a foundation of shared passions and values.

Thank you for supporting small, local and sustainable.
In honouring the earth and the maker, you are part of the impact we have on change.

With love always,

Sally xx