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Passage Magnesium Spray


A pure magnesium body oil, easily absorbed. Passage is specifically formulated to support the transition passage into - ‘the menopausal woman. Infused to balance, reignite passion and energy; promote body connection, acceptance, femininity, and calm. This menopause blend may ease body tension and promote calm. Ethically sourced. Harvested seasonally. Created by the natural elements. Hand poured. Naturally infused. No nasties, fillers or dilution. 100% pure magnesium chloride oil. Australian-owned and sourced.



Ingredients: 100% Pure Magnesium Chloride Oil, Black spruce leaf, Camphor leaf , Bosweillia, Tanacetum Annuum flower, Chamomile, Osmanthus flower extract, Cardamom seed, Cinnamon bark, Ginger , Clove bud, Indian Sandalwood, Royal Jasmine flower, Vanilla Orchid bean, Turnera Diffusa leaf, Green Mandarin, Lavender

Use me daily: morning and night. Hormone and period support. Best absorbed on the belly, back, neck, shoulders, soles of feet and, tops of hands. Harvested from Lake Deborah in WA. Hand poured and infused in Sydney. Warning: Please patch test me. I may tingle. like the sea. Please do not apply before sun exposure. Please do not apply to the face. Please do not apply to wounds.

Created by Northern Beaches Nutritionist, Elle Brown. Elle has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine and a Masters in Human Nutrition and Research at Deakin University. Furthering her research in eating behaviours, somatics and emotional health, Elle is a wealth of knowledge, but also incredibly warm and grounded in nature. Originally creating a magnesium spray as a gift for her sister, her circle of friends soon too fell in love, and now us.