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Light weight Camel Wool Throw


The lightest weight camel wool throw ever crafted. Beautifully spun + finished with a hand-edged tassel. These reversible (with a paler version on the other side) throws are the perfect adornment for the home whether draped over the sofa or across the bed. Ideal for afternoon naps, to add depth of colour, or for decadent warmth. Many customers use them as a personal wrap to wear on cooler days.
Measurement - 230cm x 150cm Approx.


Cold hand wash in a non chemical detergent and dry flat in shade or dry-clean. Avoid tumble dryer.

Anastasia is immensely passionate about creating spaces that positively
impact the way we feel on an energetic level as humans. Of the belief that our surrounding environments and the places in which we spend most of our time can impact the state of our nervous system positively or negatively. Having a ripple on effect to our creative flow, Anastasia works with Artisans in India to create pieces to adorn in your space, so it feels like home. The camel wool throws are made in Rajasthan India, an environment rich in culture. Makers are often born into a family of weavers, a gift of creating textile that is passed down through generations.