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Gypsy Oil Perfume


A scent for the mysterious. For those who walk to the beat of their hearts. The wanderers. The dancers. The restless. The ones that follow their bliss. Ingredients: Camellia Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Amber Oil Bergamot (Bergaptene Free) Essential Oil.

Top: Frankincense, Lavender 

Middle: Patchouli, Resinous Woods and Barks

Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla 




Our focus is clean beauty +
transparency. Our perfume oils contain:

No parabens

No additives

No artificial fragrances/parfums

No artificial colours

No synthetic chemicals

No gmo ingredients

No animal testing

No mineral oils, peg's or

Eve perfume oils contain no
harmful ingredients associated with mainstream perfumery. Instead, we blend our
scents using a base of cold-pressed camellia seed and fractionated coconut oil.

Olivia grew up in a very ‘natural’ household, with her Mum embodying
clean beauty well ahead of its time. Watching on as her Mum made her own herbal remedies and cleaning products, Olivia has always been aware of the chemicals in our personal care products. Working as a nurse here in Sydney, one particular shift was the catalyst. Olivia was helping a new Mum with her breastfeeding. The Mum happened to be wearing an incredibly over powering perfume, and Olivia thought to herself ‘surely this can't be good for a three day old baby to be breathing in’. As Olivia set out to research l perfumes, she found that the fragrance industry was rife with secrecy. Nearly every brand was using synthetics and chemicals that were harmful to our health. Even well known brands that claimed to be clean were far from it.

Now a Mum herself, Olivia describes scent design as an art, a slow but
fun process. Working alongside perfumers and chemists to make each scent just right, Olivia’s scents are refined and sophisticated. 

Each scent is reflective of moments that are special to Olivia, and the
shared human experience. Each scent tells a story and transports you to a moment in time, a memory, a feeling. 

Each ingredient is sourced from either a flower, wood, bark, root or
resin. Made in  Paradise Beach Sydney and poured by hand.