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Fleet Wrap Dress

Wrapped in silk and weathering the storm. Wear her loose as a graceful layer or wrapped as a breezy day dress. The Fleet Kimono is a beautifully comforting addition to any traveller’s day. Lovingly sourced and crafted by the Silk Co. *Also available in black. One size fits all.

Made with love from ethically sourced 100% raw silk. Sustainable Clothing Bryon Bay. To keep your silks looking and feeling golden for as long as they live, we recommend a cool hand wash with an eco friendly detergent. Properly soak and gently scrub your garments, then give them a fresh water rinse. Once properly washed, softly press the water out of the items. Shake the garment to get any creases out. Turn garments inside out to hang in the shade to dry to avoid sun bleaching of the naturally dyed fabric.

Note: Steam iron only, do not machine wash, do not tumble dry.














The Silk co. was born from the curiosity of tales told of near and far. About the lands and the seas, of trade routes, piracy and treasures of all kinds. Based in Byron Bay and hand crafted by a small boutique tailor, our pieces are bought to life in a fair and safe work environment in a quaint store, down a cobble stone lane, amongst the bustling streets ofIndia. The Silk co. is crafted from the finest sustainable silk fabrics as well as cotton, wool and linen. These pieces have been created specifically to be as timeless as the fabric itself. Our ethos is to leave nothing but stories behind. In saying this, our silks as well as our other natural fabrics will return to the earth one day, leaving a minimal footprint behind. It’s been our dream to create the most elegant of pieces which breathe with the body and become more beautiful with age and wear. 

The Silk co. is a lifestyle, a feeling, a sense of freedom.

It is more than just a clothing label. Our collection was created for the wanderers, the dreamers, the voyagers - all of us who know there is something worth exploring.