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Clary Sage Incense


Musky, sweet and herbaceous Sage, woody Makkho, the smoky sweet scent of Myrrh, earthly sweetness of W.A. Sandalwood and a drop of soft and musky scent of Clary Sage Essential Oil.


— Comes with 18 hand crafted incense sticks.

— Each scented part of stick is
11cm. Total length of stick is 12cm.

— Each stick may vary in
appearance due to its hand made nature.

— Burn time is 50 mins but may
vary depending on your environment.

— Ensure windows are open when
you have incense going.

— No synthetic fragrance.
Chemical free. All natural materials. Individually hand crafted.

Andrea is the creator of our beautiful incenses. Growing up in the Phillipines and dedicating her life to photography, Andrea now creates with her hands, and believes that in an era of rush and over stimulation, co creating with nature is a beautiful way in which we can connect back to source. Andrea has now trained a small team of women to help her create in the Byron Hinterlands, and when she’s not doing this she is travelling in Mexico and using the cultures and landscapes she stumbles across as her inspiration.