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Stone Ring Mixed Metal



Our rock rings embody the raw beauty of nature's organic shapes and textures. Sterling silver is shaped to the raw, unrefined, and unmined natural state of a beach stone collected along the NSW coast. The silver band is soldered to the stone encasing along with two 9ct gold chunks which are formed by melting and shaping offcuts. 2.5mm ring band, 14mm stone (length). All rings made to order.

Due to the handmade and textured nature of our jewellery, each piece will vary slightly, making it as unique as the wearer themselves. Our products are made from sustainable materials including recycled 9ct gold, recycled sterling silver and recycled glass beer bottles.

By Realm Jewellery. A free spirited skater, on the road travelling Australia in her van. Sally takes her inspiration from the landscapes she explores in Tasmania, the raw tones and textures of the earth. She creates by the ocean with the sound of the waves crashing as her sound track of choice. Collecting stones on her morning beach walks as the centre pieces of your rings. Sawing, melting, soldering and sanding, not in a studio or workshop, but on a fold out camp table a few steps away from the shoreline. These beautiful pieces are created by hand, exposed to the sunlight, the wind and the rain, all of nature’s healing vibrations.