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Anything's Possible Cookbook


Anything’s Possible is Burbury Wholefoods' first cookbook! A love child made up of more than 100 recipes, many passed on from friends and family, that showcase their take on the multicultural melting pot of Australian cooking. In this book, Tash and Tom give you a traditional approach with a modern twist that takes you back to basics to create things from scratch. They bring a lens of mindfulness and sustainability that highlights the opportunity to use food as a vehicle for positive change – for yourself and the Earth. The majority of the recipes are vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, which is a happy by-product of their style – meaning everyone is included at your next dinner party. This book is a summary of their journey so far and we can't wait to share it with you all! 


Natasha and Tom are a beautiful couple from the Northern Beaches of
Sydney, who now call Byron Bay home. Together they have founded their intention led catering business ‘Burbury Wholefoods’. During Tash’s years living in Canada, she spent time at a clinic whose mission is to treat Cancer patients through Gerson Therapy, a diet wholly focused on healing cancer through an organic plant based diet. Since then, Tash and Tom have been the full time caters at some of Australia’s largest health retreats. With Tash’s background in fine arts, Tash has the same intention and hope for her art on canvas, and her art on the plate, to entice the senses, touch the soul and create conversations. Natasha and Tom are empowering their community to spend more time in the kitchen, getting back to basics and cooking more from scratch, creating more meaningful connections with food. Working with local and organic
produce, supporting growers that utilise regenerative agriculture.